Why Go Organic With Your Color

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After not being able to see our stylists for an extended period of time, many of us are truly treasuring the opportunity to get back to the salon. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of women in America dye their hair but chemicals over time can be damaging to your luscious locks. By making the switch to organic hair colors and products with us at Pure Elements an Organic Salon, you can have gorgeous hair that is nourished and heathy. With fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients, it gives users peace of mind—and maybe even healthier hair.

Advantages of Using Organic Hair Dye

The experience of going to a hair salon in Albany, NY is so relaxing and therapeutic, that it makes clients have an instant feeling of confidence that lasts for weeks! At Pure Elements an Organic Salon there are countless advantages to switching to organic hair dye, but here are a few key reasons to make the change:

  • No Harsh Chemicals or Additives
    • Most hair dyes are loaded from top to bottom with harsh and harmful chemicals such as peroxide, ammonia, and resorcinol. Not only can these elements cause damage to your hair, especially after extended use, but they also smell. Organic hair color utilized herbs and organic materials to achieve the vibrant colors we love with more nourishing effects and better natural scents.
  • Leaves Your Hair Healthier and More Vibrant
    • Vibrancy is something many of us look for when getting our hair done, and for many, the concern with organic products is that they will not be as bright or last as long. It may surprise you to learn that with the many advances in the hair care field, natural and organic colors work just as well as chemically charged hair products. It is important to note that, as with anything, results vary from person to person as no two heads of hair are the same, but our professionals at Pure Elements will be able to find the right natural products for you and your hair.
  • It’s Just as Effective as Traditional Color
    • A common misconception is organic hair color doesn’t color as well as traditional color. If anything, organic color works just as well as traditional color. From covering grey hair to changing up your color, organic color can help you achieve the color results you want (without all the harsh chemicals and damage!). If you want to hear from a stylist who works with organic dyes firsthand, contact and schedule a consultation with us. We’re more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have as you switch from traditional to organic dye.
  • Won’t Cause Breakage
    • You may have grown accustomed to your hair feeling dry or brittle. If you don’t know anything different, you may think that it’s normal and just how your hair is. Unfortunately, that dryness and resulting breakage can be a result of the harsh chemicals in traditional hair dyes. With natural and organic hair dyes, your hair gets nourished and rejuvenated while dying, rather than taking on additional hair damage.
  • It’s Safe to Apply
    • Safety is always a priority, and for clients with sensitive skin or those who are pregnant that is the number one question:  Is it safe for ME to use organic hair dye? The simple answer is, yes. Without the harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and strong odors that should not be inhaled during pregnancy, organic hair dyes are a clear choice. For clients with sensitive skin, we still recommend always consulting with your doctor or dermatologist before your appointment. This will help you ensure none of the products used will cause a reaction with your skin. We’re more than happy to talk through the products we’ll be using before your appointment, so you’ll have all the information you need.

At Pure Elements an Organic Salon, the choice is clear. Make the switch to organic hair color and enjoy lustrous locks with vibrant organic hair colors. For more information or to schedule a hair color consultation call us at (518) 608-5405 to make your appointment.

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