5 Best-Known Secrets to Make Your Organic Hair Color Last

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With 70% of American women dying their hair, it’s no wonder why so many of them are opting out of harsh, chemical-laden ingredients that damage your hair and scalp (yikes!). So, if you’re one of the many individuals turning to safer, organic ingredients, you may be wondering how long your color will last after dyeing it with organic hair color and how to extend it.

Take a deep dive into what you need to know about organic hair color and how to make it last until your next appointment.

What is organic hair color?

For all the new kids on the block, organic hair color is free from harsh chemicals like ammonia that can damage your hair and scalp. This is usually a great option for people with sensitive skin and scalps that find normal (synthetic dye) rough on their skin, which could lead to irritation and allergic reactions. Another great perk of organic hair dye is that it’s safer for prolonged use in contrast to synthetic dye.

The reason why organic hair dye is considered a better alternative from synthetic dye is that organic hair dye is made with organic botanicals. So, there are no pesticides, less chemicals, and usually no ammonia.

Now, that you know about organic hair color, let’s go into how you can make your organic hair color last longer.

How To Make Your Organic Hair Color Last

1.     Limit use of hot tools

While this one may sound like a no-brainer, it’s oh, so important. Hot tools like straightening irons, hairdryers, and curling wands have the potential to damage your hair while fading your color. If you need to apply heat, it’s best to space out the days you style your hair and always use a thermal heat protectant.

2.     Avoid hot showers

Hot showers have the ability to strip your color’s brilliance. So, it’s best to try washing it in lukewarm or cold water. If you just got your hair dyed, skip your next shower for 24 hours after dyeing — you and your color will thank us.

3.     Space out hair wash days

Washing every day can strip your hair of important natural oils, leading to an itchy or dry scalp. It can also strip your hair of color, which is a no, no. Try investing in a dry shampoo to use between wash days, or better yet, invest in shampoos and conditioners made to lock in and extend your color.

4.     Use a water filter

Investing in a water filter for your shower head is definitely something to look into. Not only will it prevent your color from reacting to the minerals in your water, but it will also help filter out any minerals that could lead to scalp buildup. The results will be softer, shinier hair!

5.     Wash your hair at the root

Next time you wash your hair, try washing it at the root instead of the middle to end parts of your hair. This will help make sure you’re not stripping the hair of its color over time. It will also give your scalp a better cleanse.

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