Brand Highlight: Our Organic Hair Products

Here, at Pure Elements, we understand that the healthier your body, the healthier your hair. That’s why we use premium organic hair products to eliminate unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals, which can take a toll on your hair and overall health. We love the brands we feature so much that we want to share with […]

Organic Hair Styling Products

A common myth is you can’t get the same results with organic hair styling products compared to “standard” products. While standard products may help you achieve quick results, over time they can leave your hair more damaged than what you started with. This is because they use harsh chemicals and ingredients that mimic luscious hair […]

How to Get Healthy Hair Naturally: Start Using Less Product

“81% of women reported that they feel most confident when their hair looks great,” according to InStyle magazine. If you’re looking to achieve lush, shiny hair, you only need a few products. From treating heat damage to improving your hair’s texture, you can help restore beautiful hair without a ton of product. In this article, […]

5 Best-Known Secrets to Make Your Organic Hair Color Last

With 70% of American women dying their hair, it’s no wonder why so many of them are opting out of harsh, chemical-laden ingredients that damage your hair and scalp (yikes!). So, if you’re one of the many individuals turning to safer, organic ingredients, you may be wondering how long your color will last after dyeing […]

Why Go Organic With Your Color

After not being able to see our stylists for an extended period of time, many of us are truly treasuring the opportunity to get back to the salon. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of women in America dye their hair but chemicals over time can be damaging to your luscious locks. By making the switch […]

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