Top Tips to Avoid Dry Hair

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Have you noticed that your hair is becoming increasingly dry and brittle? While it may in part be due to the cold December weather, there are many other factors to consider! Your hair and scalp are an important part of your body and properly taking care of them will help to keep them hydrated and nourished! Check out our top tips to avoid dry hair below.


Wash Your Hair Less

Over washing your hair is one of the biggest contributors to dry hair and poor scalp heath! Why? Your scalp produces sebum and nutrients that feed your hair and help it to stay strong and healthy. The more you wash your hair, the more you are stripping away these oils and nutrients. If you’re struggling with dry hair, we recommend switching to washing about 2-3 times per week!


Check Your Products

The products you are using on your hair can also be causing it to dry out! Take a look at the products you are currently using and their ingredients list. We always recommend products that are sulfate free as sulfates are aggressive chemicals that strip away your scalps natural oils! Other ingredients to look out for are parabens, phthalates, dimethicone, and formaldehyde! All of these ingredients can not only negatively impact the health of your hair, but your overall health as well.



Your diet plays a major role in your health, and in turn impacts your hair and skin! Make sure your diet includes foods that are rich in antioxidants and omega-3s. Staying hydrated will help to combat dry hair as well. If you’re body isn’t hydrated, your skin and hair won’t be either.


Hair Care

We all know that skin care is important, but your hair deserves to receive the same amount of love. To keep your skin hydrated and healthy, you use lotions and oils, the same should go for your scalp! Try out some nourishing products like the LOMA Nourishing Oil Treatment or their Deep Conditioner. These products work to replenish and lock in moisture to repair your hair!


Turn Down the Heat

We all love a great blow out and style, but it’s important to note that using tools with high heat can have a damaging effect on your hair! If you opt to blow dry, wait until your hair is about 75% dry to use your heat. This will allow you to get the look you want, while sparing your hair unnecessary damage. For all other tools, refrain from using the highest setting, or look for alternative ways to achieve your style!


Don’t Shy Away from Trims

We understand wanting to keep your hair long, but cutting your hair is incredibly important to hair health! There’s no need for a big chop every time you visit the salon, but you should always be getting a trim or at the very least, a dusting to get rid of your split ends.


Don’t Wrap with a Towel

Using a cotton towel to wrap your hair up after a shower is a very damaging technique!  A cloth towel is very abrasive and can rip and knot your hair. Instead of a traditional towel, opt for a t-shirt or microfiber towel. These fabrics will absorb water without creating friction.


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Taking care of your hair is important! At Pure Elements, our goal is to educate our clients on organic hair care best practices so they can keep their hair gorgeous and strong! Give our experienced and licensed stylists a call to schedule an appointment or to learn more: (518) 608-5405!

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