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A common myth is you can’t get the same results with organic hair styling products compared to “standard” products.

While standard products may help you achieve quick results, over time they can leave your hair more damaged than what you started with. This is because they use harsh chemicals and ingredients that mimic luscious hair — but, in fact, it’s not.

Did you know that standard hairsprays and hair gels contain formaldehyde, parabens, and other nasty chemicals that get absorbed into your scalp? Hairspray even has carcinogenic polyvinylpyrrolidone plastic that can lead to low blood pressure, breathing difficulty, and (with extended use) lung cancer.  Together, these chemicals can hurt your hair and health in the long run.

To help save your hair and health, we’ll break down organic hair styling products you can use based on product type. Remember: Always use a heat protectant before blow-drying or styling your hair, especially if you have color-treated hair.

Organic Serums & Oils

Hair serums and oils are very versatile organic hair styling products. They help control frizz, boost shine, protect against damage, and enhance your natural hair texture. They also nourish your hair from within, sealing in moisture and nutrients. This can help your hair grow and get stronger over time. There are many organic brands that carry nourishing and chemical-free serums and oils. Some of the lines our salon carries include Loma, Mr. Smith, REF, Neuma, Keragreen, and Leaf and Flower.

Organic Detanglers

Detanglers work wonders for all hair types. They’re an essential step in eliminating a huge amount of breakage and damage done while styling your hair. This is because they reduce friction and help your wet products go on more evenly.

Organic Styling Products: Creams

Styling creams work to do two things: banish frizz and add a subtle shine to hair. This could be a good alternative organic hair styling product if hair serums and oils don’t work well with your hair. This tends to be particularly true for people with oily hair types.

Organic Heat Protectants

As mentioned earlier, heat protectants are a necessary step to ensuring your hair is protected against any form of heat. From blow-drying to using any styling tools, this is an essential step. Organic heat protectants are different from others because they use non-toxic ingredients like seed oil and mineral.

Organic Styling Products: Volumizing Mousse, Foams, and Sprays

There are so many organic volumizing mousse and sprays available on the market today. They’re a great alternative to standard products that build up over time on your hair and leave a waxy residue. By using an organic styling product, you can protect yourself from dry scalp and dandruff.

Organic Styling Products: Gel & Paste

When you want to achieve a slicked-back or styled look, these organic styling products are a go-to. As mentioned earlier, going organic helps you to avoid nasty chemicals that can be absorbed into your scalp. Because there are so many options to pick from, our salon has rounded up our favorites from our top brands. You can come in-store to shop and select the best gels and pastes for your hair.

Organic Styling Products: Texturizing Sprays

If you want to add texture to your fine hair or simply add some grip to your braids or updos, an organic texture spray is the way to go. Our salon has a great selection of texture sprays that can help you achieve the perfect style. Call or visit us to find out what the best product is for you.

Organic Styling Products: Hair Sprays

Because of its harsh chemicals that can irritate our lungs, eyes, and skin, organic hairspray is the healthier option to choose from. If you’re worried that organic hair spray won’t hold, there’s no need to fret. Nowadays, organic hairspray has sophisticated formulas that can last you all day.

Want More Organic Styling Products: Contact Us

If you’re still looking for organic styling products or want other organic products, contact us, we work with some of the best brands in organic hair care. We’ll help you find the right products to achieve the style you’re aiming for. Let us give you and maintain your hairstyle — minus all the nasty ingredients!

You can also call us to inquire about the best organic hair care brands for your individual hair type. We offer premium organic brands that work on every hair type and texture. Learn more about our Loma, Mr. Smith, REF, Neuma, Keragreen, and Leaf and Flower products today.

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