5 No Heat Hairstyles

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There’s no need to damage your hair with heat products to achieve a beautiful look. From buns, to braids, to clips, there are plenty of hairstyles that you can wear that don’t require heat styling. We’ve listed 5 of our favorite no-heat hairstyles for you to try, perfect for any occasion. The best part: all of these hairstyles are relatively easy to accomplish and take very little time to make. Check it out!


Top Knot

A top knot is a quick and easy look that is perfect for everyday wear. To make a high top knot, pull the top half of your hair into a high pony and twist it into a bun. Use a hair tie to secure the top knot into place. You can add some character and shape to your top knot with bobby pins.


Twisted Side Braid

Tired of regular ponytails and buns? A twisted side braid is a beautiful alternative that is fairly easy to create. Start by brushing your hair to eliminate any knots and tangles, then gather all the hair to one side. Divide your hair into two pieces and twist each piece a few times. Bring them together, allowing the pieces to cross, and combine them to form one piece. Continue by sectioning out 2 new pieces and repeat this process until you reach the end of your hair. Secure it with an elastic and pins.


No-heat curls

You can achieve beautiful curls overnight with soft flexi rods. Not only are they more comfortable to sleep in than hard curlers, but you will wake up with beautiful, frizz-free curls.


Dutch Boxer Braids

These braids are a clean, versatile option that looks great accompanying an activewear look or even for a nicer dinner look.  Start by creating a middle part and splitting your hair into two sections. Dutch french braid each side. To dutch french braid, pull and incorporate the hair as you go but bring the strands underneath and over as you braid. You can also do a traditional french braid; however, the dutch french braid has a unique look and sits on top of the hair.


Space Buns

A popular festival look, space buns have grown in popularity. These fun buns keep long hair out of your face and can be done in less than 5 minutes. Looking for a way to enhance these simple buns? Add some french braids before making your hair into buns for a fancier look.


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